April 21, 2024

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What Is The Difference Between .com and .net Domain Name Extensions? 

If you want to get your desired domain for your business but need help deciding which domain name to take, then worry not. This guide will help you understand the difference between a .com and a .net domain. 

A .com domain is the most used domain globally, holding almost 48.1% of websites. It is a more general-purpose domain used by business entities, shop owners, media websites, charities, etc. 

On the contrary, .net domains are reserved for networking companies with a global presence.  

Also, you require domain hosting to host your website alongside the domain name. You can buy a domain from companies in India that provide the best domain hosting services for every website.  

Domain names have an impact on how a website is viewed. For example, when someone searches for a domain name, a long and complicated domain makes your website look less credible and unprofessional or a possible security risk.  

Thus, how you end your website domain plays a massive role in representing your website type. In this article, we’ll learn the key differences between the .com and .net domain name extensions.  

What is the .com domain? 

It is a unique web address associated with the US country code top-level domain (ccTLD). Often, a .net domain can be found when a website offers a networking, internet, or data hosting service. 

.com domains are suitable for businesses and other organisations, like charities. On the other hand, .net domains are mainly used by large companies with a credible global presence. 

It helps identify websites based in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia; if the website is from these places, it has a higher chance of search visibility.  

But, the expression is quite expensive and requires extensive research to find the perfect one that suits your needs. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Professional and brand recognition 
  • Acceptable for a multitude of industries 
  • Average internet users remember .com websites more 
  • Comparatively more expensive .net domains 

What is a .net extension? 

The .net extension is a popular software development platform. It helps developers create unique applications using programming languages such as C# or Visual Basic.  

Additionally, it enables the functionality of your existing applications rather than starting from scratch. 

Networking sites widely use it, which is comparatively affordable and readily available compared to .com domains.  

In addition, the .net domain provides enormous benefits, such as increased brand recognition, improved search engine ranking, and increased online security.  

However, its use case is limited as only a certain number of websites can be registered with the .net domain. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Professional and brand recognition 
  • More availability compared to .com domains 
  • Businesses which can’t get .com use .net 
  • Comparatively cheaper than the .com domain extension 


.com represents products and services, whereas .net indicates networking organisations. For example, .com is suitable for eCommerce stores, personal websites, and web platforms and .net for internet, email, and networking services.  

However, buying the .com domain is more complex than the .net domain, as most sites already use it. Generally, .com domains are the best choice for most companies and individuals looking to establish a web presence because they are far more common than the alternatives.  

Google ranks the .net domain lower than a .com domain. For your website, a .com domain registration is much better for ranking for specific keywords. 

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