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Most real estate brokers and sales brokers promote residential property. Others promote business property, and a small number sell industrial, agricultural, or different types of real estate. Because of the complexity of buying or selling a residential or commercial property, individuals often seek assist from real estate brokers and gross sales agents. Our affiliated brokers are impressed to uphold the… Read more →

Will the riot in Washington prevent overseas financial commitment in the U.S.?

After a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol creating on Wednesday, the incoming Biden administration bolstered its dedication to the rule of regulation.  “The rule of law is not just some lawyer’s switch of phrase. It is the very foundation of our democracy,” explained Merrick Garland, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for legal professional typical.  Have confidence in… Read more →

Biden Can’t Make Washington a Beacon for Human Rights by Returning to Business as Usual

After four years of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump’s indifference and even hostility to human rights, the election of Joe Biden provides an opportunity for fundamental change. Trump’s disregard of human rights at home and his embrace of friendly autocrats abroad eroded U.S. credibility. Condemnations of Venezuela, Cuba, or Iran rang hollow when parallel praise was bestowed on Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Israel. Yet a Biden presidency… Read more →