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WARMINGTON: Canucks anthem singer axed for singing O Canada at anti-mask rally

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Canucks CEO Trent Carroll extra Donnelly was “acting independently” and “not symbolizing the Vancouver Canucks” and that the hockey group inspired “everyone to use a mask” and abide by “provincial wellness orders.”

It’s not a trip to the penalty box but game misconduct — and banishment. Canada may well be “glorious and free” but this singing Canuck was not free to stand on guard for thee.

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Donnelly sang at Saturday’s the B.C. Xmas Liberty Rally 2020 to protest what demonstrators connect with “draconian” lockdown measures. He has not garnered this sort of interest because tripping over a red carpet in skates while not lacking a term of the anthem in 2014.

“As an individual regarded for singing our good nationwide anthem, I’m standing up in opposition to what I experience is tyranny, simple and simple,” Donnelly instructed