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Companies Race to Develop Drugs That Stay Ahead of Coronavirus Mutations

Drugmakers are racing to develop a new generation of Covid-19 medicines to make them easier to give to patients and to stay ahead of virus mutations that could make some current drugs less effective.

The drugs, known as monoclonal antibodies, are lab-engineered versions of antibodies that simulate the body’s natural immune response to viruses. They are considered among the most promising for preventing infected patients from developing severe or fatal symptoms and keeping them out of the hospital. After catching Covid-19, President


was treated with one of the drugs and credited it with his speedy recovery. Doctors say the drugs will continue to be important treatments for the foreseeable future as vaccines become more widely available.

When the first generation of drugs were authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in November to treat patients not yet sick enough to be hospitalized, public health officials worried that there

Point out releases future move in plan to import prescription prescription drugs from Canada

The Colorado Section of Health Treatment Plan & Financing has introduced the subsequent move in a point out plan aimed at decreasing prescription drug expenditures in Colorado by importing medication from Canada.

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The Colorado Normal Assembly passed SB19-005 in 2019, authorizing the section to search for approval from the federal authorities to set up a “Canadian Prescription Drug Importation'” method to make it possible for Coloradans access to Canada’s lessen-priced drugs. 


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On Monday, the division unveiled an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) bidding method in an hard work to obtain sellers to enable operationalize the application, including areas of compliance, safety and prescription drug distribution. 

The point out reported whilst the common savings on importable drugs from Canada is additional than 60%, discounts for some drugs are higher than 90%.

“The U.S. pays the greatest prices in the earth for prescription drugs, and we