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How to Use Sales Analytics to Boost Your Business

How to Use Sales Analytics to Boost Your Business

March 3, 2022·8 min read

Discover how tracking sales metrics and applying sales analytics tools can make your organization more efficient and profitable.

If you aren’t already using sales analytics tools, here’s what you’re probably hearing from your team:

We’re failing to close sales. We’re missing targets. We’re not selling enough!

Every sales pro hits these roadblocks. They’re tough to overcome. But there’s good news: You already have the tools you need to beat them—that is, sales analytics tools.

Think about your sales career. You’ve experienced setbacks and speed bumps; you’ve analyzed them to understand where you went wrong; you’ve applied those lessons to future selling. That’s sales analytics in a nutshell, and with a methodical approach, you can scale it up to help your entire sales team shine.

Sales analytics tools take a close look at sales data to answer the important questions, like:

  • Are we the best sales team we can be? And if we aren’t, how can we get there?
  • How can we make the most of our sales resources and cut the cost of selling?
  • How are customer expectations and market standards changing, and what can we do to meet them?
  • How can we become the innovative disruptors within our space?

According to McKinsey research, companies that analyze and act on sales behavior can increase their sales productivity by up to 20%. But what sales metrics should you be tracking? How can you process them into insights? What do you do with that intelligence once you have it?

Don’t worry: Putting sales analytics tools to work is actually a breeze when you have a plan of attack. Keep reading to get the skinny on winning with sales analytics.

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