China slams British isles, Canada banning Xinjiang imports as “farce”

BEIJING, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) — A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday lambasted Britain and Canada for imposing restrictions on Xinjiang imports, urging them to immediately rectify their wrong decisions and end interfering in China’s interior affairs.

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s remarks came immediately after the two nations around the world have reportedly determined to ban the import of goods from Xinjiang citing the so-referred to as use of “pressured labor.”

Expressing China’s agency opposition, Zhao called the go “only a farce executed by a handful of politicians” with no information or morality.

Britain and Canada need to instantly revoke their decisions, prevent interfering in China’s internal affairs and prevent undermining China’s interests, Zhao advised a frequent press briefing, including that Xinjiang affairs are purely China’s inside affairs and no nation has any right to interfere in.

Certain countries, like Britain, have funded the fabrications and spreading of lies and rumors, smearing China below the pretext of human legal rights and cracking down on Xinjiang providers applying different measures, the spokesperson claimed. “This has uncovered their hypocrisy and vicious intention of containing Xinjiang’s growth and progress and interfering in China’s inside affairs.”

Xinjiang affairs are not about human legal rights, ethnicity, or religion, but counter-terrorism and anti-secession, Zhao stated.

China will just take all necessary steps to safeguard its national passions and dignity as well as its sovereignty, protection and progress interests, he added.