Canada really should retaliate versus Biden’s wrong-headed selection to terminate Keystone. Here’s how

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Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: On Day One, the new U.S. President, Joe Biden, is willing to sucker punch America's northern neighbour.

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On Working day 1, the new U.S. President, Joe Biden, is keen to sucker punch America’s northern neighbour.

Nicely, that was rapid. On day a single, the new U.S. president, Joe Biden, is reportedly prepared to gut-punch his northern neighbour by cancelling a presidential permit for the development of Keystone XL.

It is an insult. Entire halt. Mineral fuels are Canada’s biggest export to the U.S. — at around US$89 billion in 2019 — two-thirds far more essential than vehicle automobiles and parts. Almost 3,000 direct positions and another 14,000 indirect work opportunities will be lost in Canada with the cancellation of Keystone XL. Simply because of lowered pipeline ability, Canadian significant oil will usually sell at a discounted, ensuing in billions of pounds in dropped GDP and federal and provincial tax revenues.

It will be a no-acquire conclusion for the United States, as properly, if Biden goes forward. The discrimination towards Canadian oilsands production will direct to a loss of 42,000 direct and oblique work even as the pandemic recession rages on. When no extended piped, oil will vacation by rail, which is considerably less safe and sound and environmentally additional destructive. For every barrel of imported Canadian oil shed, the U.S. will import extra large oil from other countries.

Who are the competing oil suppliers to the United States? In 2019, they included Mexico (US$12.3 billion), Saudi Arabia (US$11.5 billion), Iraq (US$7 billion) and Colombia (US$6.5 billion). These producers, as nicely as others, together with Russia (US$3.5 billion) and Venezuela (US$1.4 billion), will be essential beneficiaries from President Biden’s determination to terminate Keystone XL.

So why did he determine to discriminate against Canadian oil? The formal rationale is to combat weather improve. But the newest oilsand technologies have decreased GHG emission depth by more than 30 per cent, so that new Canadian oil has the very same GHG emission for every barrel as other oil consumed in the U.S. 

Video: Kenney urges Biden to reconsider conclusion to block Keystone XL, suggests it will harm U.S. strength independence (Global Information)

Kenney urges Biden to reconsider determination to block Keystone XL, states it will hurt U.S. power independence


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From a governance perspective and as a fellow democracy, Canada certainly stands up properly when compared with Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Iraq. Do the Individuals seriously want to get oil from Venezuela and Russia — whose governments don’t like them extremely significantly — if they can buy it from Canadians as an alternative?

On Sunday, TC Electrical power pledged that Keystone XL will be a internet-zero emission project when it commences up by 2023. Promising to invest $1.7 billion on renewable electric power to operate the pipeline, the company explained it would warranty only union jobs will be made available. TC Electrical power has also enabled Aboriginal participation, with a $785-million stake.

By 2030 Canada’s weather change procedures will include things like a carbon tax of $170, as very well as new restrictions and subsidies for emission reduction that go very well past nearly anything getting prepared in the United States. Provided the considerable economic expenses of equally TC Energy’s strategies and Canada’s climate procedures, which with each other handle substantive U.S. issues, Biden’s cancellation of Keystone XL is especially bewildering.

His conclusion will also steel opponents of Canadian pipelines in other settings. The most rapid circumstance is Michigan’s attempt to revoke the easement for Enbridge’s Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac. This obstruction could result in sharply better gasoline prices in Ontario and Quebec, the place Canadian elections are usually received or missing.

So, what will the Liberals do in reaction? When Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminum, Canadians felt improperly addressed by their intended ally. Ottawa countered with tariffs on U.S. aluminum merchandise, which were being dropped right after Trump revoked the U.S. tariffs a month afterwards. Supplied the even better importance of electricity exports, Canada should really not stand idly by now.

We could impose tariffs on selected U.S. oil-primarily based products until finally the U.S. agrees to withdraw its cancellation of Keystone XL. That would signify increased charges for gasoline and heating oil, and so to a certain extent would be slicing off our personal nose to spite our experience. But we could get our message throughout loud and apparent.

Greater nevertheless, we could go after guidelines that effect a critical U.S. export to Canada: digital providers. There is a prolonged listing of retaliations that, compared with tariffs, would represent practical procedures in this spot. We could commence promptly with “the Netflix tax” — GST/HST used to imported electronic products and services, which are at this time exempt, not like domestic digital products and services. Alternatively of ready for the conclusion of the OECD’s interminable conversations about taxing the company money of multinational technological know-how providers, we could go in advance with a French-design tax on Large Tech’s digital revenues. We could also go after the Australian solution and call for technology platforms to pay royalties to Canadian suppliers of online content.

A extra favourable stage would be to search for re-approval of Keystone XL within just the context of a North American pact to achieve trusted, affordable vitality and dependable energy progress. Canada is in a potent situation to supply all kinds of electrical power, together with electricity, to the U.S. current market. And we really should be harmonizing carbon procedures to lessen trade distortions. At the identical time, the U.S. would even more its geopolitical ambitions by advertising North American energy sources somewhat than dependent on significantly less dependable foreign allies for imports.

Electricity and pipeline enhancement must be element of this agreement. Professionals this sort of as the Worldwide Electrical power Company and Stanford modelling group have revealed that oil and gas products and solutions, which include plastics and hydrogen, will be necessary even in a globe with zero internet emissions. Without even further strength advancement, North American reserves will decline, ensuing in the want to import additional oil from other countries.

The greatest disappointment in all of this is Joe Biden. He states he wants to get the job done with his allies but it seems that in one particular of his extremely 1st functions he will insult in all probability his closest ally of all. We ought to not sit on our fingers in response.