Month: April 2022

Why Good Data Is Critical To Making Informed Business Decisions

Howard Rosen Advisor, healthIT innovator, engagement strategist, film/Tv set producer, storyteller, Founder (LifeWIRE Corp)

So, how’s your data? Most likely this is not the finest pickup line. In actuality, we listen to so a lot about data, it is speedily getting to be white sound. However, it should be at the main of selections relating to small business.

However, in the world of info, not only do you will need to be aware of fantastic facts, bad facts and no info, but you also require to be mindful of the other classifications of info, together with qualitative vs . quantitative data and subjective compared to goal details. Essentially, for info to be of any price regardless of its form, it needs to be viewed as “good” facts that, when analyzed, could result in actionable techniques.

Even just before my job in well being IT, I was always